Cosmic Alchemy
A Spiritual Guide to Universal Progression
by C.C. Zain

Each individual is a member of a world society and needs to learn how to work energetically towards the realization of God’s Great Evolutionary Plan.

Cosmic alchemy seeks to transform the energies of society as a whole into channels of action that cultivate the highest development of its members.

This can best be done by obtaining spiritual values and education. Cosmic Alchemy unmasks the often misunderstood concept of spirituality.

Conquest of War
Abolition of Poverty
Cosmic Politics
Heredity and Environment
How to Be Spiritual
Spiritual Value of Education
How to Appraise Spiritual Values
Minor Aids to Spiritual Advancements
Major Aids to Spiritual Advancements

191 pages  8½ x 11" Student Format

Price: $22.95

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