Esoteric Psychology
Success Throuh Directed Thinking
by C.C. Zain

Of all the energies that influence people, none have a more powerful effect than their own thoughts.

Directing ones thinking is the most potent of all forces to control one’s life and destiny. Commonly, efforts to exercise control are hindered by faulty concepts or repression resulting from environmental conditioning. Whether this conditioning expresses in a subtle way or one that is more obvious, the consequence hinders progress.

Esoteric Psychology contains information which will assist in identifying and eliminating obstacles to progress.

Doctrine of Esoteric Psychology
Reason and Intuition
Language and the Value of Dreams
Desire and How to Use It
Why Repression is Not Morality
How to Rule the Stars
How to Apply Suggestion
Correct Use of Affirmations
How to Think Constructively
How to Cultivate Subliminal Thinking
How to Develop Creative Imagination
How to Demonstrate Success

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