Horary Astrology
Interpreting the Horoscope
by C.C. Zain

A horary chart is a map of the mental factors active at the time and place a question is asked.

This branch of astrology is used to discern the nature of the past, present, and future of the matter inquired about.

This course is often chosen by beginning students of astrology for its technical lesson “How to Erect a Horoscope” as well as for its clearly organized system for judging any horoscope.

The book is formatted in the easy to use 8½ x 11 student format.

How to Erect a Horoscope
Strength and Aspects of the Planets
First Seven Steps in Judging Any Horoscope
The Doctrine of Horary Astrology
Questions Relating to First Six Houses
Questions Relating to Last Six Houses
How to Select the Best time for Any Undertaking
Chart Erection Short Cuts and Examples

195 pages  8½ x 11 Student Format

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