Laws of Occultism
Inner Plane Theory and the Fundamentals of Psychic Phenomena 
by C.C. Zain

The word occult means hidden or unseen.

This book focuses on the study of the unseen energies affecting every person's life.

The reader will come to understand how the concept "character is destiny" is at the basis of all events attracted into the life.

By learning about these energies and learning how to work within the boundaries of these undeviating natural laws, one may exercise more control over the amount of success, happiness and prosperity that will be attracted. In this course various types of psychic phenomena are examined and explained.

The nature of the inner plane and how it affects human life and activities is revealed.


Occult Data
Astral Substance
Astral Vibrations
Doctrine of Nativities
Doctrine of Mediumship
Phenomenal Spiritism

184 Pages  6 x 9"  Trade Paperback

Price: $16.95



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