Natal Astrology - Part 1
Delineating the Horoscope
by C.C. Zain

Every astrological student needs to know what an astrological chart can and cannot do. Delineating the Horoscope presents the Hermetic system of astrological interpretation in a step by step fashion.

Chapters discuss the 36 decanates of astrology, and the nature of those born in each, judging temperament, disposition and mental ability, business, finances and vocational selection and how to determine love, marriage and partnership through a chart.

In a step by step fashion, this book presents the Hermetic system of natal astrology along with the unsurpassed Outline of a Complete Astrological Reading.

The book is formatted in the easy to use
8½ x 11" Student Format.

First Eighteen Decanates Analyzed
Last Eighteen Decanates Analyzed
Stature, Temperament, Disposition and Mental Ability
Vitality, Health and Disease
Business, Finances and Vocational Selection
Friends, Enemies and Associates
Love, Marriage and Partnership
How to Delineate a Horoscope

153 pages  8½ x 11" Student Format Paperback

Price: $22.95



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