The Next Life
A Guide to Living Conditions
on the Inner Plane

by C.C. Zain

Life on Earth is but one phase of Being.

Physical life gives us necessary schooling so the Soul may function effectively on higher planes where it is less restricted.

By understanding the nature of the life to come, the individual is better prepared to live in this life as well as the next.

This course book provides illumination on the conditions and activities of life after physical death.

It describes the various levels of the afterlife from astral and spiritual to celestial.

Turning the Dial to Inner Planes
Properties of Life On The Inner Plane
Birth Into the Next Life
Astrological Influences in The Next Life
Occupations of teh Next Life
Education and Progress in The Next Life
Earth Bound Souls and teh Astral Hells
Domestic Relations of the Next Life
Social Contacts and Amusements in The Next Life
Through Astral and Spiritual to Celestial

249 pages  6" x 9"  Trade Paperback

Price: $16.95

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