Occultism Applied
How to Increase Your Happiness, Usefulness and Spirituality
by C.C. Zain

This book describes how every individual is being trained to perform a unique job in God’s Great Evolutionary Plan.

It offers practical lessons on how to be happy, how to create personal prosperity, how to keep young, how to gain employment, how to have friends, and how to be successful in marriage.

By changing one’s habit systems one can learn to live a truly constructive life.

The book is formatted in the easy to use
8½ x 11 student format.

Finding Ones Cosmic Work
Living the Completely Constructive Life
Diet and Breathing
How to Keep Young
How to Be Attractive
How to Have Friends
How to Get Employment
How to Make Money
How to Achieve Honors
How to be Successful in Marriage
How to Have a Pleasant Home
How to be Happy

203 pages  8½ x 11 Student Format Paper Back

Price: $22.95

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