Personal Alchemy
The Neophytes Path to Spiritual Attainment
by C.C. Zain

The most important function of any religion is to give instruction on how best to live.

Personal Alchemy is a self-development manual providing keys by which the spiritual aspirant may experience greater health, happiness, and spirituality and thus contribute more to universal welfare.

Important topics include cultivating spiritual trends in personal conduct, spiritual hindrance by family and friends, and how to keep mentally and physically fit.

The book is formatted in the easy to use 8½ x 11" student format.

Three Things Every Neophyte Should Know
The First Three Habits a Neophyte Should Adopt
Avenues to Illumination
Spiritual Hindrance by Family and Friends
Spiritual Trends in Personal Conduct
How to Keep Mentally and Physically Fit
What to Eat When Mercury or Uranus is Afflicted
What to Eat When sun, Moon or Pluto is Afflicted
What to Eat When Saturn, Jupiter or Neptune is Afflicted
What to Eat when Venus or Mars is Afflicted

192 pages  8½" x 11" Student Format Paperback

Price: $22.95

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