Astrological Signatures
The Evolution ofthe Soul and the Nature of Astrological Energies  
by C.C. Zain

This is our best book for those
beginning their study of astrology!

The signs of the zodiac, the planets, the mundane houses and the aspects are all discussed in detail.

Also discussed is the nature of the soul and how it makes progress here and hereafter.

Explanations of how the experiences of everyday life are necessary to prepare each person for a higher destiny.

Of special interest are the chapters concerning reincarnation and the ancient Ritual of Egyptian Initiation.

The Two Keys
The Zodiac
Mundane Houses
The Mission of the Soul
Physiology and Correspondence
Doctrine of Signatures
Facts and Fancies About Reincarnation
Facts and Fancies About Reincarnation, Part 2
The Ritual of Egyptian Initiation

248 Pages  6 x 9" Trade Paperback

Price: $16.95




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