Spiritual Alchemy
The Hermetic Art of Spiritual Transformation  
by C.C. Zain

The ancient alchemist sought transmutation and immortality.

For the soul to be immortal it must build for itself an imperishable spiritual body in which it can function after the dissolution of both the physical and astral forms.

Through the allegorical language of transmutation the ancient alchemists sought to describe the immortality of the soul. The alchemical metals of lead, tin, iron, copper, mercury, silver, and gold are symbols of the many and varied life experiences the soul must undergo in order to build a spiritual body.

The mystery of transmutation is revealed through explanations of the Reverberatory Furnace, the Laboratory, the symbolism of Salt, Mercury and Sulphur, The First Matter, the Philosopher’s Stone and the various states of consciousness and techniques for achieving them.

The Doctrine of Spiritual Alchemy
The Seven Spiritual Metals
Purifying the Metals
Higher Consciousness

119 pages  6 x 9"  Trade Paperback




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