Weather Predicting
The Hermetic System of Astrological Weather Analysis
by C.C. Zain

Studying the art of weather predicting using astrological methods is a valuable tool particularly useful for those involved in agriculture, aviation, and travel or planning events.

Weather charts may be used to determine variations from normal weather patterns by comparing Temperature, Wind and  Moisture charts for a given location and time.

Astrological weather predicting uses the cycles of the Sun, Moon, and Mercury to draw correlations between astral and physical weather conditions. It is the only text available entirely devoted to astrological influences on the weather.

The book is formatted in the easy to use 8½ x 11 student format.

Astrological Weather Predicting
Reading Astrological Weather Charts
Astrological Temperature Charts
Astrological Air Movement Charts
Astrological Moisture Charts
Unusual Weather
Tornadoes and Hurricanes

145 pages  8½ x 11" Student Format Paper Back

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